Generate::Product - generates product detail pages for BSE


Like the NAME says.


product field

Access to product fields of the product being rendered. This is the same as the article field tag for normal articles, but also give you access to the product fields.


Produces product specific administration links in admin mode.

iterator ... options

Iterates over the options available for the product, setting the option tag.

option popup

The popup list of values for the current option.

option field

Retrieves the given field from the option. Most commonly you just want the desc field.

  <:if Options:>
  <!-- you might want to start a table here -->
  <:iterator begin options:>
  <:option desc:>: <:option popup:>
  <:iterator end options:>
  <!-- and end a table here -->
  <:or Options:><:eif Options:>
iterator ... stepcats

Iterates over any step parents of the product, setting the stepcat for each element.

stepcat field

Access to fields of the step catalogs of the parent.


Conditional tag, true if the product has any step catalogs.

Product specific fields


An in-between length description of the article for use on the catalog page.


The number of days it takes to receive the product after it has been ordered.


The cost to the customer of the product. You need to use the money tag to format this field for display.


Your cost. You need to use the money tag to format this field for display.


The GST (in Australia) payable on the product.


The raw version of the options that can be set for this product.