future_plans.pod - short to long term changes in BSE


This document is intended to describe the future direction of BSE.


Database access

Currently the database access library used by BSE has global state, this prevents moving the configuration from to bse.cfg, and prevents using BSE in a mod_perl or fast CGI environment.

The aim is to use the libraries from Resource (which were originally created for other projects), which should allow saner usage.

This may break existing BSE::Custom modules.

Elimintate Configuration in

This file makes it hard to upgrade BSE. Ideally everything goes into bse.cfg.


The shop is amongst the oldest code in the system, and the most convoluted.

It needs to break up the checkout process in order to support online credit card processing.

The handling of shipping vs billing fields needs to be changed.


Well relatively minor changes.

Permission changes

BSE native permissions should all use the bse_ prefix.

Template search paths

It should be possible to have more than one local_templates directory.


Tony Cook <>