NAME - generate all or part of the site from the command-line


  # generate the whole site, silently
  # generate the whole site, with progress
  perl -v
  # generate articles 100 through 200 and 300 through 400
  perl 100-200 300-400
  # generate only article 10, verbosely
  perl -v 10
  # generate extras and base pages
  perl extras
  # generate a specific extra
  perl extra:search.tmpl
  # generate a set of matching extras
  perl extra:/^checkout/

DESCRIPTION regenerates specific articles, the static and base pages, or the whole site from the command-line. is suitable for use from a cron job.

If the -v option is present will produce information about where it is in it's processing.

If there are no arguments beyond -v will regenerate the whole site.

Otherwise you can supply a list of article numbers, ranges or extras to regenerate the given articles, articles within the range or the extra base pages.


Tony Cook <>