thumbnails.pod - thumbnail images for BSE's image manager


How to configure thumbnails for BSE image manager.


If configured, the image manager will display thumbnails for each of the images attached to the article instead of displaying the images fullsize inline.

If you don't want thumbnail make sure you configure them off or supply the f_showfull parameter, since some processing is done whenever a <:thumbimage:> tag is seen, even if that tag is on the false side of an <:if ...:>.


You will need to install the perl Imager package, it's possible your operating system includes packages for this module.

Otherwise install Imager from CPAN:

  1. install the libraries that Imager depends on, this is at least libjpeg, libgif (or libungif) and libpng. You can also install libtiff, but this shouldn't be necessary, since TIFF isn't a common web format.

    All of these libraries are usually available in your operating system's packaging system, or are preinstalled.

  2. install Imager, as root:

      perl -MCPAN -eshell
      # you may be prompted here if you haven't run the shell before
      > install Imager

Once you have Imager installed, add the following to bse.cfg (or bse-local.cfg):

[editor] allow_thumb=1 thumbs_class=BSE::Thumb::Imager

If you don't see thumbnails on the image manager page, check your server error log file for error messages.


Tony Cook <>