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What is it?

Imager::Graph is an module intended to provide a framework for easily drawing good looking graphs. Currently the only graph type supported is pie graphs, but I'll expand that when I get the time and inclination.


Current I only have some pie graph samples. At some point I'll add a more dynamic demonstration.

Where can I get it?

The latest release will always be available from my directory on CPAN (once it shows up) and from my distribution directory.


Imager::Graph depends on Imager, since you probably want text on your graph you will also need one of the font libraries supported by Imager, and a suitable font. The ImUgly TrueType font is included, but it's pretty ugly as the name implies.

The tests require both TrueType and PNG support, but this is mainly required so I can avoid supplying huge test comparison images, and so I don't need to supply an extra (relatively large) font file.