Tony's Resumé

Personal Details

Name: Anthony Alan Cook
Birth Date: 30 December 1967
Address: 24/441 Alfred St North
North Sydney NSW 2060
Nationality: Australian

Contact Information

You can contact me at:

Work: (02) 9955 2146 (only if necessary please)
Home: (02) 9959 5686
Private facsimile: (02) 9959 5684


B.App.Sci (Comp. Sc.) second class honours UTS (1993).

This included both graphics subjects on offer and a six month project on image processing. The project included porting some Unix code to run on the Transputer. I also did the System Programming subject (basic Unix system calls (fork(), pipe() etc).

Higher School Certificate 399 (1985)

Four unit mathematics, two unit physics, two unit chemistry and two unit Engineering Science (399/500).

Employment History

April 1988 to present


Responsibilities: Analysis; design; programmming; telephone, email and onsite technical support; user and technical manuals.

Technologies: Windows NT, Windows 95, Linux, Windows 3.1, DOS, C, C++, 80x86 assembler, Perl, TCP/IP network programming and administration, firewalls, CGI, network administration, network programming, Microsoft Word, facsimile encoding, CAS, TWAIN, ODBC.

April 1986 - April 1988

Aquapore Desalination

Lab technician - research and development of reverse osmosis membranes meant for export.

Related Experience

Team Powersoft, TeamPS MVP 1997

Team Powersoft does peer support for Sybase products at news:// I’m the moderator for the Watcom C/C++ group.

TeamPS member has exposed me to the following technologies: Sybase SQL Server/Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PowerBuilder, Power++, PowerJ (Java)

Other interests

I’m interested in astronomy and space science, science fiction and computers.