Usenet resources

You need to use your ISP's news server or Deja News for these:


comp.lang.c++.moderated - moderated C++ discussion group. (via Deja News.)

comp.std.c++ - discussion of the Draft C++ Standard. (via Deja News.)

comp.lang.c++ - a very busy group (unfortunately with many off-topic messages <sigh>). (via Deja News.)


comp.std.c - C standardisation discussion (via Deja News.)

comp.lang.c - a very busy C discussion group. (via Deja News.)

Microsoft Windows* - there's a lot of Windows programming groups (via Deja News.)

MFC Programming - unfortunately very MS Visual C++ oriented (via Deja News.)

MS-DOS Programming

comp.os.msdos.programmer - active MS-DOS programming group (via Deja News.)